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At the end of the day, losses due to injury, illness, property damage and production are paid from your company’s profits. Enlightened leaders are realizing that effective safety management is about business excellence. Along with controlling avoidable loss, it demonstrates the true value your organization places on its human capital, optimizes team performance and positively affects the bottom line.

Theo is widely recognized as an international expert and inspirational catalyst for change in the area of Safety Management Systems, neurosafety, change management, and human performance.

Having been personally trained by New York Times bestselling author, Dr Joe Dispenza, Theo is a Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant. In addition, she is also a Certified Resilience Advantage Consultant with the world renowned HeartMath Institute.

Among Theo’s many awards include Entrepreneur of the Year and Canadian Safety Leader of the Year finalist.

Hire Theo Heineman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA for your event to inspire the audience to take action and make change in their work and their lives.

Your workplace will benefit from Theo and her keynote talks and speeches will shift the mindsets or behaviours for audience members located in Canada, USA, UK and abroad.


Inspirational. Captivating.
World Class Speaker.

Theo is an inspiration to audiences and gives them a solid action plan to integrate into their workplace. She is the founder of a globally recognized safety software company. Theo Heineman has over 25 years of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur. She is also an award-winning sales and marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience. She also has over 20 years of safety management-related experience, working both locally and internationally as a consultant and trainer.
When Theo engages with her audiences, the advantages reach beyond attaining legal compliance. Reduction in overall losses, improve productivity and quality, resulting in healthier employees and more profitable and sustainable businesses.


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    Widely recognized as a leader and expert in both business and Safety Management Systems, Theo is passionate about having an impact on sending workers home to their families safe and healthy at the end of every work day and protecting organizations from avoidable loss and liability.
    She is a Board Certified Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP), and Certified Safety and Health Consultant (Canadian Society of Safety Engineers).

    Among Theo’s many awards include Entrepreneur of the Year and Canadian Safety Leader of the Year finalist.

    Some of Theo’s Other Milestones Include:
    • Three-time Canadian Society of Safety Engineering Award.
    • Three-time BBB (Better Business Bureau) “Torch Award” for Market Place Ethics and Integrity.
    • Regular contributing author to OHS Magazine; Canada’s leading publication serving over 10,000 Health & Safety Professionals.
    Theo can deliver keynotes, workshops, and training sessions focused on safety that will leave a lasting impact.