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How to Manage the Pandemic of Fear: Navigating the Unknown with Resilience

Dr. Brent Roussin, Manitoba’s chief medical officer of health stated, “Fear is also contagious” Dr Deepak Chopra recently said, “Emotions are far more contagious than the virus.” People in every sector are succumbing to an epidemic of fear. The problem is that fear only makes a bad situation WORSE. When in fear, we disconnect from our executive function in the brain. We lose access to our intuition, our ability to solve problems, to see possibility, to dial down fear and more. On top of that fear and anxiety suppress our immune systems and make us more susceptible to illness and disease. On the other hand, studies clearly show that people who perform better with their health, relationships and businesses in times of stress do things differently than those who don’t.


Neuroscience: The New Frontier in Safety Management

Theo Heineman

Every year, organizations invest billions of dollars in new safety initiatives that fail to produce desired results. The primary reason is the inability to produce the sustained change required to have lasting impact on human behaviour. True and lasting change requires becoming aware of and changing habits and beliefs stored mostly in the unconscious mind.

Using the understanding of the neuroplastic nature of the brain, a formula can be applied to allow employees to learn new ways to think, act and feel; in short, create a new mindset towards workplace safety. This session will introduce the new frontier in safety management; neuroscience, and how it can be applied to transform safety culture and performance.

Also discussed will be the link between stress and incident rates and why the same stress can effect employees differently. We will explore the effects of stress on the body and how it can be managed with a new model of change. Understanding how neuropathways in the brain are created and sustained and impact human performance provides a doorway to radical shifts in stress management and safety performance.

Theo has been personally trained by researcher, neuroscientist, and best-selling author, Dr. Joe Dispenza.


Safety Leadership… Jedi Style!

At a recent conference of industry leaders, C-Level executives stated that the #1 competency required by the safety professional of the future is communication and leadership skills. Often, safety managers and committee members are tasked with motivating and leading safety in their organizations but lack the necessary skills and experience to deeply engage employees. Or if the motivation to work safe is because of demands by management or fear of punishment, employees won’t be fully engaged. If employees are not engaged, then workplace safety and wellness can’t be optimized. And if safety and health aren’t optimized, then the reality WILL BE greater risk for the organization resulting from increased number and severity of incidents, increased absenteeism and lost productivity.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Rather, lessons from the Jedi Knights can be applied for transformational safety leadership! The Jedi are powerful leaders, adjudicators and peacekeepers in the Star Wars Universe. With strong moral values and purity of thought, they use wisdom and passion to fuel their power and defend and protect all sapient life.

This keynote will address what transformational safety leaders and Jedi knights have in common. We’ll also discuss how Jedi qualities can be practically applied for a more fulfilling and rewarding experience as a safety leader in your organization.



One of the Top 3 workplace safety trends for 2020 * is “a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing.” Not only does happiness effect employees level of well being, we now know through the latest research in neuroscience that there’s a direct correlation between employee happiness and hazard awareness and perception, MSI injuries, compliance, problem solving abilities, sick time and more.

This session explores the science behind happiness as a leading indicator of workplace safety, health and wellness. We’ll discuss how workplace morale impacts the likelihood of incidents and absenteeism and how workplace happiness is a prescription for mental wellness, reduced harassment and better communication.

Participants with walk away with a “prescription for workplace happiness” as well as simple tips and strategies to implement in your workplace immediately for greater overall wellbeing in their workplace.


The Alchemy of Safety Management; Turning Compliance into Gold

The focus on Workplace Safety is not going away; in fact, its ever in the focus of regulators, clients and employees alike. Compliance management is not only in-effective, it’s a golden opportunity lost to create more value for the stakeholders in your organization.

At the end of the day, losses due to injury, illness and property damage are paid from a company’s profits. This session will share the learnings of working with 100’s of businesses and the practical was you can leverage safety management for better business performance. It will also include an update on the safety climate in Canada and relevant changes you need to know about. Read More.


High Stakes: The High Cost of Careless

“We have been a safe company for 20 years; I never thought it would happen to us.” Sadly, too many organizations are completely unaware of safety related vulnerabilities, or they aware but unwilling to take the required action. Many learn harshly and unexpectedly through devastating pain, but after it’s too late.


  • How stakeholders that are “careless” face the high cost of shocking and unexpected consequences.
  • The hidden emotional and business costs of serious workplace incidents.
  • How you can “care more” now, AND pay less today and tomorrow.
  • The impact of criminal liability and reputational damage.


Aligning with Leadership for Safety Management Results

A longstanding challenge for safety professionals is communication and motivating senior leadership to whole heartedly commit to safety management objectives.

Conflicting priorities, multiple demands and perceived mis-alignment of values and priorities between the Safety and Leadership teams not only stands in the way of achieving effective safety management but can breed disharmony in the ranks. However, what if at the end of the day, everyone really wants the same thing….and just don’t know it? In this workshop we will address how and why this can be and how to work with your Leaders to effectively align safety management objectives between the Safety and Leadership Teams for better results and a more satisfying work experience.

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