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A Serious Incident: “It Will Never Happen...We’re a Safe Company”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a business owner tell me that...I’d have a lot of dollars!  If that’s the opinion of your company please read on.

“I felt guilty attending my employees’ funeral”

I was recently facilitating a morning workshop on the Business Case for Safety Management.  A local business owner approached me at the break and shared his experience.  He told me that he owned a small trucking company where one of his workers had fallen off a flatbed trailer resulting in serious injury to his back.  The worker could of course no longer sit for long hours driving a truck and since the company was too small to bring the injured worker back and assign him to other duties he no longer had employment.  His case was put in the hands of the WCB.  Depression set in, the worker’s marriage fell apart, and some time thereafter, the worker committed suicide.  He was in his forties.  The business owner spoke with regret “if only I had known, if only I had done more”.

That afternoon on the same day I was facilitating an organization to move their safety management forward.  On the break, a manager approached me.  He told me about an elderly gentleman (volunteer) who came into his shop periodically to assist him with light repairs of small equipment.  The elderly man loved to sit in a chair with wheels so that he could move it around with his cane. The chair was removed a number of times as it was a recognized hazard, but the elderly man would find it and keep using it.  One day the elderly man tipped the chair over and fractured his hip.  He died from complications of the injury.

I always say; the mechanic knows about all the cars that are breaking down.  The safety professionals know about all the businesses that are suffering the complications of Serious Incidents.  Don’t think it can’t happen to you!

At any given time we are assisting several businesses AFTER they’ve been issued a Stop Work Order, been charged on several counts under Safety Legislation or have been given strict deadlines in order to be able to continue operating costing them serious TIME, MONEY and STRESS.

Let us help you be PROACTIVE.  Contact us today for a FREE 60 minute consultation to ensure your specific business risks are identified and controlled. Remember....there is NO INSURANCE for workplace safety related liability.

Congratulations Edward Utko and Paramount Windows and Doors Inc.

There is nothing more rewarding for us at 1Life than to see our clients embrace a healthy safety culture and create happier more successful businesses.  That is why we were so pleased to congratulate Edward Utko, of Paramount Windows and Doors Inc., who was the inaugural recipient of the SAFE Work Manitoba Worker Safety Award. Edward was nominated by Paramount for his commitment to improve the safety culture at Paramount. Not only are we impressed with Edward’s continued dedication to the safety of his colleagues, we are also proud of the initiative that Paramount took when they nominated and recognized Edward for contributing to their safety culture. This speaks volumes about them as an employer and a respectable business. After all, in an environment of keen competition and low profit margins, learning from incidents and implementing policies and corrective action does more than protect your employees, it can contribute more to your profits than your organization’s best salesperson. Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) and the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) developed the SAFE Work Awards program to recognize individuals and groups who demonstrate ongoing commitment to making our workplaces and province safer and healthier. Employees who show Edward’s determination to spot hazards, assess the risk and find a safer way are integral and should be recognized in some way. These motivated employees can serve as a catapult for positive change within an organization and can be motivating to management and workers alike, and will help your team stay motivated so you can sustain a strong safety culture. The SAFE Work Awards were presented during North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) week, when organizations raise awareness of the importance of preventing injuries and illness in the workplace.


When Safety Becomes Bad for Business

It’s TRUE! Sometimes safety can be bad for business. When this happens, sadly REAL risks are missed that result in serious loss to people and businesses as a whole. Safety’s BAD for BUSINESS when:
  • “Safety people” (safety coordinators, committees, officers, consultants) become obsessed with minute details of the safety system and absolute safety becomes the goal.
  • It is forgotten that Safety Management is ONLY ONE area of risk management important to a business.  Many other risks must be managed to ensure that everyone has a job!
  • Reams of useless paperwork are generated.
  • Time is spent doing “safety stuff” that adds no value as a business management tool.
REAL Safety Management is about:
  • Ensuring that workers and the business are protected from credible risk.
  • Focusing on identifying and controlling real risks; those that occur more often and have serious consequences.
  • Enabling innovation and productivity, not stifling it.
  • Ensuring those who create risks manage them responsibly and understand that there will be serious consequences when they don’t (standards, enforcement and disciplinary action).
  • Ensuring all workers understand that with rights to a safe and healthy workplace comes a responsibility to abide by all company safety policies and procedures.
  • Being a successful, well-managed company!

SAFETY -PROFIT PRINCIPLE: Many businesses waste TIME & MONEY resourcing unimportant safety measures. In a well-planned safety system,20% of your effort will produce 80% of your results.

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Want to Avoid WCB Pain?

Safety Profit Principle:

In an environment of keen competition and low profit margins, learning from incidents and implementing action can contribute more to your profits than your organization’s best salesperson. Minimizing loss is as much an improvement as maximization of profit. Are you one of the many  Manitoba Business Owners paying too much for WCB? Due to just ONE poorly managed claim:

  • A Manitoba business in the auto industry is paying over $100,000 for WCB than their competitors in the same rate category
  • A rural Manitoba business with 8 employees is paying over $24,000 for WCB; more than DOUBLE what they should be
The good news is that these costs can be controlled through a solid WCB Program like some of our clients have discovered:
  • A local window manufacturer with 50 employees reduced their WCB costs by $12,000 in just one year by focusing on WCB claims management.
  • A local HVAC company with 100 employees dropped their WCB costs by approximately $100,000 in just two years by focusing on WCB claims management.
Far too often we have seen our clients struggle to manage their WCB Costs which is why we have collaborated with a WCB expert from Pitblado Law to bring you this one day Workshop that could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of aggravation! At the workshop, You will receive a WCB Program to implement in your workplace or augment your existing one.

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How Changes to the Workplace Safety & Health Act Will Affect MB Businesses

The Manitoba government has introduced new legislative amendments to The Workplace Safety & Health Act. Key changes include:
  • providing immediate fines for activities presenting an imminent risk to workers or for backsliding to unsafe conditions after an improvement order has been issued;
  • enabling a stop work order to apply to all Manitoba workplaces or an employer when similar actis at multiple workplaces involve, or are likely to involve, an imminent risk of serious physical or health injury;
  • expanding the list of activities or contraventions for which administrative penalties may be imposed, and strengthening the enforcement of those penalties;
  • strengthening provisions for a worker exercising their right to refuse unsafe work;
  • requiring a worker safety and health representative in every workplace with 5 or more workers, rather than 10 or more;
  • requiring a workplace safety and health committee in seasonal workplaces, if there are at least 20 workers and the work is expected to continue at least 90 days; and
  • clarifying provisions for paid training and other activities of worker safety and health representatives and committee members.

The amendments to the Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Act are expected to take effect in the fall of 2013.

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