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New and Improved Supervisor Essentials On-Line Course Launched!

A common gap in many organizations is a failure to train supervisors, foremen, team leaders, or anyone else who may direct the work of employees.


Employers appoint managers and supervisors to ensure that work is carried out so that the objectives of the organization are met. While employers have the most authority in the workplace and have the greatest responsibility for health and safety, supervisors are next in line and are also liable – but not until they have been trained.

The Manitoba WSH Act says that a supervisor is anyone who is:

  • In charge of a workplace
  • In charge of or has authority over a worker

Every employer must provide formal training to all employees that direct the work of others, or risk liability in the event of a workplace incident. Manitoba employers have been fined for failing to train supervisors and would be held 100% liable if an “accident” occurred today and their supervisors had not been trained.

Set your supervisors and business up for success!
Ensure your supervisors are trained to understand the health and safety responsibilities of everyone in the workplace.

New and Improved Supervisor Essential Course launched on March 18th!

All workers, from the employer to the newest worker, have different but important duties to keep the workplace safe and should be trained! The On-Line Training Library contains 16 courses and even more are in development!

If you are not sure which training you should be assigning to your workers, ask us!

Do you need supervisor training delivered at your workplace?

Contact us at 231-LIFE, we can help YOU!


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