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Compliance with CSA Standards Enforced

Safety Fines

On January 13, 2015, Buhler Trading Inc. was fined $35,000 for failing to provide a worker with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards addressing the operation and safeguarding of power press machinery. They were also charged and fined for failing to ensure that an eccentric punch press was inspected at regular intervals to ensure that the machine was capable of safely performing the functions for which it was used.

In this incident, a worker was trimming metal bars using an eccentric punch press. While removing a piece of metal from the press, the press activated pinching the worker’s left hand resulting in the amputation of two fingers.

In instances such as these, the employer must ensure that work is carried out in accordance with the requirements for the referenced CSA standards.

When is Compliance with CSA Standards Required?

Compliance with CSA standards becomes law when it is referenced in legislation such as the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation. Examples of references to CSA Standards in the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation include:

CAN/CSA-Z94.4-02, Selection, Use, and Care of Respirators,
CSA Standard CAN3-Z11-M81 (R2005), Portable Ladders,
CSA Standard Z259.1-05, Body Belts and Saddles for Work Positioning and Travel Restraint,
CAN/CSA Standard Z259.2.1-98 (R2004), Fall Arresters, Vertical Lifelines, and Rails,
CAN/CSA Standard Z259.2.2-98 (R2004), Self-Retracting Devices for Personal Fall-Arrest Systems,
CSA Standard W117.2-01 (R2006), Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes,
CAN/CSA Standard-Z185-M87 (R2004), Safety Code for Personnel Hoists,
CAN/CSA S269.2-M87 (R2003) Access Scaffolding for Construction Purposes,
CAN/CSA Standard-Z271-1998 (R2004), Safety Code for Suspended Elevating Platforms,
CAN/CSA Standard-Z91-02, Health and Safety Code for Suspended Equipment Operations,
CAN/CSA Standard-B354.1-04, Portable Elevating Work Platforms,
CAN/CSA Standard-B354.2-01 (R2006), Self-propelled Elevating Work Platforms,
CAN/CSA Standard-B354.4-02, Self-propelled Boom-Supported Elevating Work Platforms,
CSA Standard C225-00 (R2005), Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Devices,
CSA Standard S350-M1980 (R2003), Code of Practice for Safety in Demolition of Structures,
CAN/CSA-Z460-05, Control of Hazardous Energy — Lockout and Other Methods,
CSA Standard Z432-04, Safeguarding of Machinery

The Standards can be purchased from CSA. They can be viewed for free at https://community.csagroup.org/

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