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Client Story: Meet Bison Fire Protection

Rob Read, Owner Bison Fire Protection

Rob Read, Owner
Bison Fire Protection

Rob Read started Bison Fire Protection Inc. with his partner Emile Jolicoeur because they saw a good opportunity to start a Manitoba business and work for themselves. "I love the fact that my business has given me the freedom to grow a company that gives a job to 66 people. The opportunity to have grown and employ this many people is great fun. In addition there is a tremendous amount of pride when there is a fire and our system has resulted in the extinguishment. We know that we are properly taking care of people's lives, businesses and property and there is a lot of satisfaction in that."

As a modern company with old-fashioned values, Rob believes that there are three things you need in business: People, Process & Tools. Without one the other two don't matter. "Our critical success factor has been our people. Making sure they feel respected, appreciated and that they are trained to do their jobs properly." Says Rob. "I work with these people day in and day out, I meet their wives at Christmas parties, their kids at picnics. I don't want them going home injured in any way shape or form. They are not numbers, they are people. If someone was truly hurt I never want to look someone in the eye and tell them their family member is hurt, or worse."

Rob recognizes that after implementing a safety plan and becoming COR Certified, a lot of doors opened for Bison Fire Protection. "People look at us and think, ok, these guys are professionals. Clients respect our safety standards on the job site and know they can expect quality work."

Rob and Emile, Bison Fire Protection

Rob and Emile,
Bison Fire Protection

"Before we started working with 1Life Workplace Safety and Health, we really didn't have a safety system. We didn't want guys to get hurt and certainly didn't put anyone in danger knowingly. But it was a case of 'you don't know what you don't know'. As we learned what we could be doing better to protect our people, we embraced a safety management system and are glad we did. 1Life laid the ground work for us and then helped us through each step, providing the roadmap, training and everything we needed to be successful in our safety management implementation. They were cheerleaders for us through the entire process, keeping us motivated."

Taking it even further, Bison Fire Protection is now ISNetworld® certified, which has encouraged their continued growth in Manitoba and is also helping them to secure large bids in other provinces. "1Life was critical to helping us achieve our ISNetworld® certification as well as securing one of our largest contracts to date, installing sprinklers in a mine in Saskatchewan, a project that will employ 5 of our staff full time for the next year." Today Bison Fire Protection has 4 locations and is a recognized leader in comprehensive fire safety and protection in Manitoba and now Ontario, providing commercial fire extinguisher, fire alarm and sprinkler system installation and service. They develop fire safety plans, whether you need a newly developed plan or updates to an existing one. They also offer fire extinguisher training and specialized consulting to clients with unique fire related hazards.

Bison Fire Protection

For more information on fire protection in your business, or if you want to ensure your existing fire safety plan is current in an ever changing business environment contact Bison Fire Protection at 204-237-3473. Tell them 1Life sent you!

Contact 1Life today to schedule a FREE, no obligation consultation to help you assess your safety management system needs! Call 204-231-LIFE (5433)