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The Changing Landscape of Workplace Safety & Health Compliance in Manitoba

Prosecutions for workplace safety and health related offences are on the rise in Manitoba and the cost of non-compliance is steep. Read on to learn more about the changing landscape of WSH compliance in the province and how one forward-thinking insurance company is incorporating safety into its latest program.

In Manitoba an average of one company is currently prosecuted every three weeks for workplace safety and health related violations. Recent fines have reached as much as $187,000 leaving these organizations with a permanent criminal record. Below are several prosecutions that occurred in the month of September 2014 alone.

Manitoba WSH Prosecutions – September 2014

GKW Construction Inc. fined $20,050. A worker was dismantling a scaffolding system when he fell 27 feet to the ground below, sustaining serious injuries. The employer pled guilty to charges of allowing a worker to work in close proximity to a fall hazard without a fall arrest system.

NuSteel Industries (2008) Ltd. fined $50,050. A worker’s leg was pinned when a structural beam disengaged from the hoist he was using to move it. The employer pled guilty to failing to immediately communicate or notify the WSH Branch of a serious incident.

Gerdau Ameristeel Corp. fined $93,800. A worker was removing molten metal from a slag pit when a steam explosion occurred as a result of the molten metal coming into contact with water in the pit area. The worker was seriously injured. The employer pled guilty to failing to ensure that the removal of molten metal from a slag pit was performed in a safe manner.

Source: http://safemanitoba.com/prosecutions


The prosecution process is a painful one that drains companies and their leaders both emotionally and financially. Organizations that are unable to defend themselves against a prosecution are left with a permanent criminal record and can face challenges with bonding, insurance, and securing jobs going forward. Reputations that have taken years to build can be torn apart with a single prosecution, and companies may find themselves forced to change their name and start anew as a result of this loss.

BSI Insurance Protect 360

One Manitoba insurance company, BSI Insurance, recognizes the impact that safety has on overall business risk. BSI has developed a brand new program called Business Protect 360, which their protection specialists are using to help businesses identify their potential risk exposures. By identifying these potential exposures BSI Insurance can help their business clients build a comprehensive plan to ensure the longevity and health of their companies.

BSI Insurance Protect 360

One risk exposure they assess is safety and with the support of 1Life’s team of safety professionals they work to protect businesses from the serious financial difficulty that often results from a workplace safety incident. Using the Protect 360 Organizational Assessment they assess their client’s current safety plan and work with them to develop and implement a safety strategy that meets government standards and keeps employees, customers, and their business safe.

We commend BSI and its leaders for taking safety so seriously and look forward to witnessing the positive impact Business Protect 360 will have on the overall culture of workplace safety and health in the province of Manitoba!

To read more about BSI Insurance please visit their website.

BSI Insurance



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