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The New Paradigm of Safety Management Systems

Theo Heineman - Safety Management Systems

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In the old days, machines and capital were the main drivers of business and people were necessary, but replaceable. People were like things and you could be efficient with them.

What is indisputable is that today, to build a great business you need more than machines and capital; you NEED great people. Once seen as just a JOB, the workplace is seen today as a vehicle through which employees (AKA those great people) can realize their personal vision and serve others and the planet. Employees are increasingly saying that they don’t want to work and just to make money; they want to create value and feel personal significance.

In addition, the workplace is where most employees have their greatest daily contact with other human beings. It’s also where most employees expend their creative energy and form the relationships that most influence their daily conduct.

Management that only wants a worker’s body and doesn’t want to consider their mind, heart or spirit reduce their workers to a thing. When you do not demonstrate that personal safety is important, you treat people like things. Result: they feel insulted and alienated, which depersonalizes work and creates low trust. They are more likely to leave you, resulting in costly turnover.

In a competitive labor market, this old paradigm no longer works. Management is fooling themselves to believe that workplace safety does not contribute to a profitable and sustainable business.

Great people typically possess the qualities of self-confidence and self-worth. As such, they want to work in a great workplace and that includes a safe workplace. People make choices consciously or subconsciously about how much of themselves they will give to their work depending on how they are treated. The companies that prosper most and are more clearly aligned with the fundamental role of business are those that choose to serve society and their own people rather than abuse it. Why should business with all its enormous capacities choose human development (and safety) over short term pursuit of profit?

"After we had a number of improvement orders and improved workplace safety which included improving lighting and housekeeping, we experience a tremendous shift in workplace moral. Employees pride in themselves and in their work increased. In return this had a direct impact on productivity, customer service and profits.” – Winnipeg Auto Dealership.

Safety Profit Principle # 10: The New Paradigm of Safety Management is about:

  1. the control of avoidable loss to your people, property, process and the environment
  2. maximizing profits, protecting your important business relationships and growing your business
  3. what successful, well managed companies do.

Would you like to improve your safety management system performance so that it has a POSITIVE impact on productivity and profits?

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Chris Mussell
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