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Province Announces New Position on COR Requirement

The Province recently announced that it will not follow through on its own policy, requiring all contractors and subcontractors to be COR™ or SECOR™ certified when bidding work on provincially funded projects.

Evidence of contractors’ compliance to workplace safety was to be required through participation in the COR™ program, requiring all bidders to be COR™ certified by January 1, 2014 regardless of the size of the project or value of the contract COR™ requirements remain for projects over $100,000 (as the policy currently stands) and will not change January 1, 2014 as previously announce.  Read more at: https://www.winnipegconstruction.ca/Communications/October_23_2013_SpecialReport.html

Safety Profit Principle: In an environment of keen competition and low profit margins, learning from incidents and implementing corrective action can contribute more to your  profits than your organization’s best the Safety Profit Programsalesperson. Minimizing loss is as much an improvement as maximization of profit.

Whether you HAVE to get COR or not should be irrelevant. Well managed companies create systems to control all avoidable loss. If you are a business with credible risk, then a good safety management system is a must to protect both your profits and your important relationships (AKA your people!)


Don’t get caught with your head in the sand… find out your Safety Profit Score™ today.

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