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What You Don't Know About WCB Can Hurt You

Today I,m sharing 3 Top WCB Tips to help you ensure the control of avoidable loss to your business.

1. EMPLOYEES WORKING ON PERSONAL PROJECTS IN YOUR WORKPLACE. Do you ever allow employees to work in your facilities on personal projects on their own time? If so these employees will not likely be covered by the employers WCB Insurance in the event of an incident in the course of performing work on a personal project.

If the employers’ WCB insurance does not apply then the potential consequences to the employer include the risk of the employee or their family suing for damages.

2. EMPLOYING CONTRACTED WORKERS. Did you know that it is the employers responsibility to ensure contracted workers and their employees are covered by workers compensation? If not, WCB coverage may become the employers’ responsibility. A recent example is a Winnipeg company whose contracted installer fell from a ladder and suffered a serious back injury. Because the contracted worker did not have WCB Insurance, the business owner became liable for the WCB insurance and will bear the cost burden.

3. WCB RATES ARE EFFECTED BY THE FREQUENCY AND DURATION OF CLAIMS. Rather than accepting a vague doctor’s note stating that an employee must be off work for a specified period of time, the employer has the right to request a doctors note that describes the tasks that the employee can and cannot DO. This may allow for an expedited return to work, improved morale for the employee and reduced WCB costs to the employer.


1. Establish clear policies and procedures for employees working on personal projects on company property.

2. Ensure that contracted and self employed workers are evaluated prior to starting work to ensure that they are registered with WCB and are in good standing. Check on your contractors athttp://www.wcb.mb.ca/clearances

3. Establish a formal Return to Work Program to ensure WCB claims are effectively managed to ensure injured workers are returned to work in a fair but expeditious manner. Both employees and your bottom line will benefit.  Contact me for a FREE 60 minute consultation on how you can protect your WCB related risks.

Theo's company and passion are an asset to any business.

Mike Gordon
Foreman, Birchwood Honda Center