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2 Manitoba Businesses Fined for Workplace Safety Violations

On May 24, 2012 Jacobson & Grenier Ltd. was fined $36,050.00 for failing to:

  • ensure any machine or tool in the workplace is capable of safety performing the functions for which it is use with: cutting plywood on Altendorf Table Saw
  • A kickback severed 4 fingers of a workers right hand while cutting a piece of wood.

On May 24, 2012 Atom-Jet Industries 2002 Ltd. was fined $42,050.00 for failing to:

  • ensure that a B5M Boot Plate Press with a two hand activation system was safe and without risks to health
  • A worker suffered 3 broken fingers on his left hand with a partial amputation and substantial loss of skin, and one broken finger on his right hand as a result of the worker reaching into the press to pull out a boot plate as the press activated. 

Are Your Employees and Your Company Protected?

  1.  Do you have a formal (documented) method for on-going identification, communication and control of hazards?
  2. Are supervisors held accountable for conducting regular inspections of their work area, work processes, equipment and tools?  Note: these inspections should be in addition to inspections conducted by the WSH Committee or Rep. 
  3. Do management and supervisors enforce safety and health requirements in your workplace? Is it documented? IF you answered NO to any of these questions, your business is at risk to Workplace Safety and Health Loss and Liability.  

For help prioritizing and controlling your workplace safety risks, contact me for a FREE 90 minute no obligation consultation… I can help you!