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A Serious Incident: “It Will Never Happen...We’re a Safe Company”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a business owner tell me that...I’d have a lot of dollars!  If that’s the opinion of your company please read on.

“I felt guilty attending my employees’ funeral”

I was recently facilitating a morning workshop on the Business Case for Safety Management.  A local business owner approached me at the break and shared his experience.  He told me that he owned a small trucking company where one of his workers had fallen off a flatbed trailer resulting in serious injury to his back.  The worker could of course no longer sit for long hours driving a truck and since the company was too small to bring the injured worker back and assign him to other duties he no longer had employment.  His case was put in the hands of the WCB.  Depression set in, the worker’s marriage fell apart, and some time thereafter, the worker committed suicide.  He was in his forties.  The business owner spoke with regret “if only I had known, if only I had done more”.

That afternoon on the same day I was facilitating an organization to move their safety management forward.  On the break, a manager approached me.  He told me about an elderly gentleman (volunteer) who came into his shop periodically to assist him with light repairs of small equipment.  The elderly man loved to sit in a chair with wheels so that he could move it around with his cane. The chair was removed a number of times as it was a recognized hazard, but the elderly man would find it and keep using it.  One day the elderly man tipped the chair over and fractured his hip.  He died from complications of the injury.

I always say; the mechanic knows about all the cars that are breaking down.  The safety professionals know about all the businesses that are suffering the complications of Serious Incidents.  Don’t think it can’t happen to you!

At any given time we are assisting several businesses AFTER they’ve been issued a Stop Work Order, been charged on several counts under Safety Legislation or have been given strict deadlines in order to be able to continue operating costing them serious TIME, MONEY and STRESS.

Let us help you be PROACTIVE.  Contact us today for a FREE 60 minute consultation to ensure your specific business risks are identified and controlled. Remember....there is NO INSURANCE for workplace safety related liability.