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New Mental Health Standard Holds Key to Common Business Dilemma

All Manitoba business owners face similar challenges when it comes to productivity and competitiveness in today’s marketplace such as attracting and retaining the best employees, reducing employee absenteeism to optimize production and maximizing profitability.

It may be a surprise to many business owners to know that the recent announcement of CSA’s new National Standard for Physiological Health and Safety in the Workplace holds a major key in meeting these objectives.  CAN/CSA-Z1003-13/BNQ 9700-803/2013 provides a framework for the development and implementation of a psychological health and safety management system.  The requirements of the voluntary standard include elements such as leadership commitment and employee participation, planning including risk assessment and control measures, implementation, evaluation, corrective action and management review.

Theo Heineman, President of 1Life Workplace, Safety & Health says  "we’ve seen firsthand that our clients who support employees physical and mental health  prove time and again to experience benefits such as fewer WCB and employee benefits claims, less absenteeism, improved productivity,  increased moral and employee retention to name a few”.

Studies from The Canadian Institute of Stress - Bell Canada Operator Services research back up this statement.  Their research found that mental health / stress control programs have resulted in 18% reduction in absences, 32% reduction in grievances, 52% reduction in disability time, 7% improvement in productivity, 13% improvement in service quality.

In studies conducted by B.C. Hydro and Canada Life Insurance, the Cost/Benefit Analysis of Mental Health / Stress Control Programs in the Workplace ratio ranges from $1.15-$6.00 returned for every dollar invested. And then there is the affect of mental health on workplace accidents.  Research conducted by the Canadian Policy Research Organization shows that emotional and psychological job demands have shown to create 2.5 times the risk of workplace accidents.  Mental health issues such as stress have shown to contribute to 60% of workplace incidents.

“With reverse onus on all Manitoba Employers when a worker is injured on the job and penalties such as stop work orders and fines up to $250,000 per offence, accident prevention should be top of mind with every business owner who is committed to organizational excellence and sustainability” says Theo.

With mental health becoming the fastest rising disability claim, promotion of mental health and workplace wellness is not only good for workers, it’s great for business.

About Theo Heineman Theo the founder and CEO of 1Life Workplace Safety and Health Ltd and is widely recognized as a leader and expert in both business and Safety Management Systems. She is a Board Certified Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP), and Certified Safety and Health Consultant (Canadian Society of Safety Engineers).  Theo has served as an instructor for Red River Community College, Occupational Safety and Health Certificate Program and sits on the Manitoba Workers Compensation Board (WCB) Future State of Injury Prevention Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

About 1Life Workplace Safety & Health Ltd. 1Life Workplace Safety & Health specializes in providing integrated, full-service workplace safety and health solutions to support Manitoba businesses in creating safer work environments, increasing profitability and meeting the requirements of workplace safety and health legislation.  The advantages for their clients go beyond attaining legal compliance under the Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Act & Regulations; reductions in loss along with improvements in productivity and quality result in healthier employees and more profitable and sustainable businesses. For further information, visit our website at www.1lifeworkplacesafety.com or www.theoheineman.ca/.

Theo's company and passion are an asset to any business.

Mike Gordon
Foreman, Birchwood Honda Center