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Just like most other COR requirements, your Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) should ensure that your business returns to “normal” working operations as soon as possible after an emergency. When it comes to your COR Audit, you must be able to verify through documentation (policies and procedures), worksite observations and employee interviews that it contains critical elements such as:

1. Written response plans for emergencies that can realistically be expected in your workplace such as:

a) Fire and  / or explosion

b) Medical and traumatic injuries

c) Chemical spills

d) Fall rescue

e) Confined space rescue

f) Severe weather etc.

2. Fire Response Planning; you must have a written fire response plan which may be included in the emergency response plan, or developed separately. The correct class and type of extinguishers must be sufficiently marked and visible in all work areas. The auditor will review documentation (on files and on tags) for fire extinguisher recharge, purchases or inspections conducted. Fire extinguishers should be inspected and recorded monthly. Extinguishers should be subjected to maintenance every 12 months.

3. Worker Training; Your EPP must include evidence that workers understand their responsibilities and have been:

a) Orientated to the EPP

b) Trained on emergency equipment and procedures such as fire extinguishers

4. EPP Testing; You must have records to verify that your company’s emergency plans have been tested including what corrective actions were taken to correct deficiencies.

5. Other requirements include ensuring that:

a) employees have adequate means to contact emergency personnel

b) emergency phone numbers have are posted or are readily available at each work location

c) first aid facilities are adequate for the size/type of operation in accordance with Legislation

d) first aiders are identified to all employees on site

e) there is a means of transporting an injured worker available at all times

For help with written policies and procedures and help establishing or maintaining COR, contact 1Life Workplace Safety & Health at 1-866-223-7374. Bison Fire LogoFor help with your Fire Response Planning and Fire Extinguisher Training contact the professionals at Bison Fire Protection Inc., at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or on our website www.bisonfire.com


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