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Want to Avoid WCB Pain?

Safety Profit Principle:

In an environment of keen competition and low profit margins, learning from incidents and implementing action can contribute more to your profits than your organization’s best salesperson. Minimizing loss is as much an improvement as maximization of profit. Are you one of the many  Manitoba Business Owners paying too much for WCB? Due to just ONE poorly managed claim:

  • A Manitoba business in the auto industry is paying over $100,000 for WCB than their competitors in the same rate category
  • A rural Manitoba business with 8 employees is paying over $24,000 for WCB; more than DOUBLE what they should be
The good news is that these costs can be controlled through a solid WCB Program like some of our clients have discovered:
  • A local window manufacturer with 50 employees reduced their WCB costs by $12,000 in just one year by focusing on WCB claims management.
  • A local HVAC company with 100 employees dropped their WCB costs by approximately $100,000 in just two years by focusing on WCB claims management.
Far too often we have seen our clients struggle to manage their WCB Costs which is why we have collaborated with a WCB expert from Pitblado Law to bring you this one day Workshop that could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of aggravation! At the workshop, You will receive a WCB Program to implement in your workplace or augment your existing one.

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Chris Mussell
Production Manager, Paramount Windows